enum CurveTangent : System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible

Defines the different tangent types to be calculated for T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey points in a T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve.

CurveTangent Flat

The tangent which always has a value equal to zero.

CurveTangent Linear

The tangent which contains a difference between current tangent value and the tangent value from the previous T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey.

CurveTangent Smooth

The smoouth tangent which contains the inflection between P:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey.TangentIn and P:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey.TangentOut by taking into account the values of both neighbors of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey.