enum CurveLoopType : System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible

Defines how the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve value is determined for position before first point or after the end point on the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve.

CurveLoopType Constant

The value of T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve will be evaluated as first point for positions before the beginning and end point for positions after the end.

CurveLoopType Cycle

The positions will wrap around from the end to beginning of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve for determined the value.

CurveLoopType CycleOffset

The positions will wrap around from the end to beginning of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve. The value will be offset by the difference between the values of first and end T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey multiplied by the wrap amount. If the position is before the beginning of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve the difference will be subtracted from its value; otherwise the difference will be added.

CurveLoopType Oscillate

The value at the end of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve act as an offset from the same side of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve toward the opposite side.

CurveLoopType Linear

The linear interpolation will be performed for determined the value.