class CurveKeyCollection : System.Object, System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<CurveKey>, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<CurveKey>, System.Collections.IEnumerable

The collection of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey elements and a part of the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Curve class.

CurveKey Item
readonly int Count

Returns the count of keys in this collection.

readonly bool IsReadOnly

Returns false because it is not a read-only collection.

public void Add(CurveKey item)

Adds a key to this collection.

  • item (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey) – New key for the collection.
public void Clear()

Removes all keys from this collection.

public CurveKeyCollection Clone()

Creates a copy of this collection.

Returns:A copy of this collection.
public bool Contains(CurveKey item)

Determines whether this collection contains a specific key.

  • item (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey) – The key to locate in this collection.

true if the key is found; false otherwise.

public void CopyTo(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey[] array, int arrayIndex)

Copies the keys of this collection to an array, starting at the array index provided.

  • array (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey[]) – Destination array where elements will be copied.
  • arrayIndex (int) – The zero-based index in the array to start copying from.
public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerator<CurveKey> GetEnumerator()

Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.

Returns:An enumerator for the T:Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKeyCollection.
public int IndexOf(CurveKey item)

Finds element in the collection and returns its index.

  • item (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey) – Element for the search.

Index of the element; or -1 if item is not found.

public void RemoveAt(int index)

Removes element at the specified index.

  • index (int) – The index which element will be removed.
public bool Remove(CurveKey item)

Removes specific element.

  • item (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.CurveKey) – The element

true if item is successfully removed; false otherwise. This method also returns false if item was not found.