class BasicEffect : Effect, System.IDisposable, IEffectMatrices, IEffectLights, IEffectFog

Built-in effect that supports optional texturing, vertex coloring, fog, and lighting.

Matrix World

Gets or sets the world matrix.

Matrix View

Gets or sets the view matrix.

Matrix Projection

Gets or sets the projection matrix.

Vector3 DiffuseColor

Gets or sets the material diffuse color (range 0 to 1).

Vector3 EmissiveColor

Gets or sets the material emissive color (range 0 to 1).

Vector3 SpecularColor

Gets or sets the material specular color (range 0 to 1).

float SpecularPower

Gets or sets the material specular power.

float Alpha

Gets or sets the material alpha.

bool LightingEnabled
bool PreferPerPixelLighting

Gets or sets the per-pixel lighting prefer flag.

Vector3 AmbientLightColor
readonly DirectionalLight DirectionalLight0
readonly DirectionalLight DirectionalLight1
readonly DirectionalLight DirectionalLight2
bool FogEnabled
float FogStart
float FogEnd
Vector3 FogColor
bool TextureEnabled

Gets or sets whether texturing is enabled.

Texture2D Texture

Gets or sets the current texture.

bool VertexColorEnabled

Gets or sets whether vertex color is enabled.

public Effect Clone()

Creates a clone of the current BasicEffect instance.

public void EnableDefaultLighting()
void OnApply()

Lazily computes derived parameter values immediately before applying the effect.