class GeneralPhysicsEventBinder : System.Object, Protogame.IEventBinder<IPhysicsEventContext>

A general event binder for the physics system which dispatches events to only the entities involved in those events. This event binder is automatically bound when you load T:Protogame.ProtogamePhysicsModule, but you can implement your own additional event binders if you want to dispatch physics events to other unrelated entities or services in your game.

readonly int Priority

The priority of this event binder. Event binders with lower priority values will have the opportunity to consume events first.

public void Assign(IKernel kernel)

Assigns the dependency injection kernel to this instance.

  • kernel (Protoinject.IKernel) – The dependency injection kernel.
public bool Handle(IPhysicsEventContext context, Protogame.IEventEngine<IPhysicsEventContext> eventEngine, Event event)

Handles physics events raised by the physics event engine.

  • context (Protogame.IPhysicsEventContext) – The physics event context, which doesn’t contain any information.
  • eventEngine (Protogame.IEventEngine<IPhysicsEventContext>) – The event engine for physics events.
  • event (Protogame.Event) – The physics event that is being handled.

Whether the physics event was consumed by this event binder.