class Entity : System.Object, Protogame.IBoundingBox, IHasTransform, IHasSize, IHasVelocity, IEntity

The default implementation of a game entity that doesn’t use components. You can inherit from this class to make implementing T:Protogame.IEntity easier.

float Depth

Gets or sets the depth.

Value:The depth.
float Height

Gets or sets the height.

Value:The height.
float Width

Gets or sets the width.

Value:The width.
float XSpeed

Gets or sets the x speed.

Value:The x speed.
float YSpeed

Gets or sets the y speed.

Value:The y speed.
float ZSpeed

Gets or sets the z speed.

Value:The z speed.
readonly Protogame.ITransform Transform
readonly Protogame.IFinalTransform FinalTransform
public void Render(IGameContext gameContext, IRenderContext renderContext)

The render.

  • gameContext (Protogame.IGameContext) – The game context.
  • renderContext (Protogame.IRenderContext) – The render context.
public void Update(IGameContext gameContext, IUpdateContext updateContext)

The update.

  • gameContext (Protogame.IGameContext) – The game context.
  • updateContext (Protogame.IUpdateContext) – The update context.