class CoreGame<TInitialWorld> : Protogame.CoreGame<TInitialWorld, RenderPipelineWorldManager>, Protogame.ICoreGame

The core Protogame game implementation. You should derive your Game class from this implementation.

Type Parameters:
  • TInitialWorld – The initial world class to start the game with.
protected abstract void ConfigureRenderPipeline(IRenderPipeline pipeline, IKernel kernel)

Configure the render pipeline before the game begins.

In the new rendering system, you need to add render passes to the render pipeline of your game to indicate how things will be rendered. Use M:Protogame.IRenderPipeline.AddFixedRenderPass(Protogame.IRenderPass) or M:Protogame.IRenderPipeline.AppendTransientRenderPass(Protogame.IRenderPass) to add passes to the render pipeline.

  • pipeline (Protogame.IRenderPipeline) – The render pipeline to configure.
  • kernel (Protoinject.IKernel) – The dependency injection kernel, on which you can call Get on to create new render passes for adding to the pipeline.